Pyhää Eurooppaa etsimässä – Aki Cederberg: “Olemme hukanneet myyttisen maailmankäsityksemme”

Voiko Euroopassa yhä löytää elävän yhteyden iättömään pyhään? Loppuvuodesta 2020 Pyhä Eurooppa -kirjan julkaisseen Aki Cederbergin haastattelu maaliskuulta 2018 Sudenmarja Zine II:sta.

Band Of Weeds - The Greenhouse Phenomenon (Live at Stavanger)

Band Of Weeds play the music of plants on new live tape

The Greenhouse Phenomenon by Band Of Weeds uses sound material recorded from plants in a live concert at the Stavanger Art Museum, 2019.

Circle Of Shit - Worship The Ditch/Sink Into The Glitch

Post-Industrial Landscapes Disintegrate Into Noise on New Circle Of Shit Tape

Finnish noise artist Circle Of Shit plunges into more abstract and experimental territory on Worship The Ditch/Sink Into The Glitch, out now on grey cassette.

Humanimal interview:

Interview with Humanimal: “I wish this world to be a bit more quiet”

What is it that makes us human and separates us from the other animals – if anything? Performance and noise duo Humanimal discuss the relationship between human and animal and the possibilty for a less anthropocentric world.

Sudenmarja T-Shirt and Tote Bag

Sudenmarja T-Shirts and Tote Bags Available

Sudenmarja T-Shirts and Tote Bags with cover illustration from Sudenmarja Zine II screenprinted by Primeval Vision on organic fair trade shirts and organic cotton tote bags available.

Lauri Ainala & Olli Aarni 2019 Repress on Pink Tape

Pink Repress of Lauri Ainala and Olli Aarni Tape Available Now

A repress on pink cassette of the sold out Lauri Ainala & Olli Aarni: "Orpokotijuhlat Saarella (Maagillinen Teatteri live 9.9.2016)" is now available to order, or as a free download on the Sudenmarja Bandcamp page.

Sudenmarja Zine II: Traditio on tulen siirtämistä eteenpäin – ulkona nyt!

Sudenmarja Zinen toinen numero ulkona nyt! Haastattelussa Hail Conjurer, Aki Cederberg, Veli-Matti O. "Läjä" Äijälä, Antti Tolvi, Templum N.R., "Masterji" M.S. Viswanath, Maria Helena Salminen, Pekka Airaksinen. (Finnish only)

Antti Salminen: Fragments From The End Of Civilization

What experimental lifeform will rise after fossil modernity from the ruins of civilization? Writer, poet and philosopher Antti Salminen discusses the end of civilization, experimental life, thinking beyond the human and reverse alchemy.

Experimental Poetry and Modular Soundscapes by Ilpo Numminen and Antti Salminen

Antti Salminen reads fragments of texts from his forthcoming book “Mir” over post-apocalyptic modular soundscapes by Ilpo Numminen in this live recording of a unique performance at Maagillinen Teatteri.

Lauri Ainala: “I have found much peace in a dark and desolate shack”

Lauri Ainala of Paavoharju creates a universe completely of his own. His latest work "Orpokotijuhlat Saarella" is a haunting soundscape of disintegrating hymns. Lauri Ainala shares his thoughts on the church, faith and blasphemy.

Hexvessel on Celebrating the Magic of Life, and Death

Few other artists have the mystery of Nature written into their work in the same way as Hexvessel. Mat McNerney talks about becoming death – but also birth, reconciling science and the mystical, and how to inject life with some magic.

Otherworldly forest folk debut album by Metsänpeitto

Out now on Sudenmarja, the debut album by Metsänpeitto stretches from psych folk towards 1990’s alternative rock. In Finnish folklore “metsänpeitto” describes the state of being lost in the woods and transported into another world.

Lauri Ainala and Olli Aarni tape sold out, still available at distributors or as free download

Cassette release of Lauri Ainala and Olli Aarni performing Lauri Ainala’s work “Orpokotijuhlat Saarella” is now sold out, but you can download this unique live recording of haunting minimal ambient field recordings for free.

Sudenmarja Zine I: Olin kuollut, mutta nyt olen herännyt – ulkona nyt!

Sudenmarja Zinen ensimmäinen numero tutkii kuoleman ja heräämisen mysteeriä. Haastattelussa Hexvessel, Last Havoc Charms, Humanimal, Kuolema-Duo, MO-Teatteri, Antti Salminen, Sami Albert Hynninen, Lauri Ainala. (Finnish only)

Prologue: I was dead, but now I am awake

A prologue to Sudenmarja Zine I on death and awakening, shedding unnecessary worldly burden and waking from sleep, and trying to find a path towards Nature and a new understanding of it.